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Our Mission

“ satisfy our international Clients of agricultural sector and not only, throught a know how and a service more and more tecnologically advanced, derived from a continue professional growth of our collaborators, as well as from costant forefront investiments.
All in a safe workplace that respects man and the environment.”

Years of Business

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Our Core Business

“We machine steel for market leaders in the tractor industry and much more, in a machining cycle that passes through 8 production departments and the most wide-ranging and complete technologies to achieve the certified end product.”


STL futuring vision STL and customer together also in the design phase thanks to the technical reorganization and the use of dedicated software. STL futuring visual New modern and impactful exteriors communicate the change in...


In order to expand and strengthen its outlet markets, S.T.L. has decided to invest on an Amada LCG 3015 AJ fibre laser cutting system capable to assure quality and efficiency in the field of sheet metal cutting with sheets up to 3 mm thick. The Amada system is a good...